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Navy Urges Americans To Be An ‘Ally’ As Biden Admin Promotes Transgenderism

The Biden administration promoted and celebrated transgenderism on Friday, just one day after condemning states that have passed laws banning sex change surgeries on minors.

In honor of the “Transgender Day of Visibility,” a host of government agencies and departments issued statements pushing gender ideology urging Americans to be “allies” of trans-identifying people and decrying “discrimination.”

The Naval Sea Systems Command published an article on Friday criticizing states that have banned sex change surgeries for kids and urging Americans to be an “ally” of trans-identifying people.

“Even if you are not a part of the trans community, a great way to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility is being an ally,” a press release from the command center read. “There is no one way to be a ‘perfect’ ally. The transgender community is diverse and complex, coming from every region of the world, from every racial and ethnic background, and from every faith community.”

The press release adopts woke language about gender being “assigned at birth” and claims that “some state legislatures are advancing bills that target transgender people and limit local protections.” . . .  (read more on Daily Wire)

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