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Navy SEAL Under Investigation After Protesting the Trans Agenda

Bryce Henson, a Marine-turned-Navy SEAL Chief Special Warfare Operator, is presently under investigation after protesting the transgender movement in California.

Henson has been spotted at several protests and events throughout Southern California voicing his distaste for woke propaganda which is apparently grounds for investigation with our United States military.

Henson often goes under the pseudonym “Ben Richards,” an alias he says he initially created for safety, but now considers a way to point out that if transgender people can be whatever and whoever they want and he’s forced to respect them, then they should do the same for whatever name or identity he wants to go by.

“Richards” is the name he’s listed under as the founder of SoCal Parent Advocates, a group that seeks to “expose, challenge and resist critical race theory, radical gender ideology, and COVID and vax tyranny in our schools.”

Both individually and with his group, Richards/Henson has visited numerous rallies and hearings this year, reported.

In March 2023, Henson did an hourlong interview with a Christian-focused podcast and explained that the LGBTQ movement is “marxist indoctrination.”

According to a statement released by the group Friday, Henson is “a father, Marine and Navy SEAL” who’s “currently involved in an ongoing investigation,” reported.

Henson is now under fire for attending events where he was protesting radical agendas.  Commander Ben Tisdale, a Navy spokesman, suggested that Henson is under investigation for “possibly participating with, or supporting, extremist causes” including the Proud Boys, he told  . . . .

. . . . Socal said, “He is confident that the investigation will vindicate him of any wrongdoing, demonstrating that he has only been a dedicated and responsible father and a hero for knowingly assuming risk to help parents under attack,” . . .  .(read more on NewsBusters)

Bryce Eddy is joined by Ben Richards of the Socal Parent Advocates. They discuss the Dad Army, the need for positive masculinity in our society and the pitfalls of giving your children over to Government Schools.

Ben Richards, the founder of SoCal Parent Advocates and captain of the DAD Army, delivers his public comment to the Chino Valley Unified School District board of education. As a dedicated member of the California Parents Union, Ben’s speech marks a significant milestone in the SoCal Parent Coalition’s relentless pursuit of parental rights.

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