Navy Woke Agenda

Navy Seal Carl Higbie: Navigating Woke Culture, Weak Military

Former Navy SEAL and Newsmax host, Carl Higbie, joins the Better for America Podcast to share his unique perspective as a veteran and journalist.

Higbie expresses his disdain for the COVID lockdown measures and government mandates, making a compelling case for accountability and holding individuals responsible.

He reflects on the profound impact of these policies on education and societal morale, emphasizing the importance of people recognizing the consequences these decisions had on their lives.

In this engaging discussion, he and the host also explore the divisive effects of incorporating identity politics and victimization narratives, both in educational institutions and corporations.

They question why our government seems so out of touch with “We the People” and the need to reevaluate the extent of our reliance on it.

Watch above.

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