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Military Recruiters Beg Marines Booted Over COVID Vax To Come Back

Marine Corps recruiters are sending out texts to former members who left active or reserve duty over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate asking if they would like to rejoin now that the Secretary of Defense has overturned the mandate, screenshots of the texts obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show.

Corps recruiters reached out to Individual Ready Reserve Marines — “men and women who had left the active or reserve forces” — alerting them that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate has officially been repealed, a Marine Corps Recruiting Command spokesperson confirmed.

The recruiters then ask if the members would like to discuss options for returning to service if they were among the thousands discharged for refusing to take the required vaccine against COVID-19, multiple screenshots of the messages obtained by the DCNF show.

“You think that after getting belittled for over a year by commands, the amount of paperwork I had to do to get an honorable [discharge], and still getting forced out the second they take that requirement away I’m running back?” one of the former members responds to a prior service recruiter (PSR), the screenshot shows.

“They could implement [the mandate] again tomorrow, there are no future protections for anyone,” the member continued.

The Corps discharged 3,717 Marines for refusing to take the vaccine as of the latest update on Dec. 5, with close to the same number of exemption requests pending approval. . . . (read more on Daily Caller)

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