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Lt. Gen (Ret.) Keith Kellogg on FY24 House Defense Appropriations Bill

(Press Release) The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) released the following statement from Lt. General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg, Co-Chair of the Center for American Security at AFPI, regarding the proposed Fiscal Year 2024 House Defense Appropriations Bill:

“For the last two years under this current administration, the military has wrongly been directed to refocus its efforts and priorities not on defending our great Nation, but rather prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), climate change, and other social ideologies to be the top priority of the Department of Defense.

Ideology is the furthest thing that our military needs to be worrying about.

In a world where the weak policies of the Biden Administration have encouraged aggressive actions and tendencies from our adversaries—Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran—the military needs to be laser sharp in its readiness and capabilities now more than ever.

FY24 House Defense Appropriations Bill cuts unnecessary spending from non-readiness policies and instead reappropriates it where it should be—to advance the might of our fighting forces with newer and stronger resources.”

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