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Indoctrination Vs Understanding

Recently Gen Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, discussed the teaching of CRT at West Point. He stated we should study it to understand, but that is not how it is being presented to the troops.  The following links show his comments and provide commentary reaction by the show hosts:

Tucker Carlson, 26 June

Glenn Greenwald, 25 June

Bannons War Room, 28 June

After some reflection, our president and chairman, Lt Gen Rod Bishop, USAF (Ret), provided the following assessment of Gen Milley’s comments:

“He got a couple of things right I think:

1. “A lot of us have to get much smarter on whatever the theory is.”

2. “It’s important, actually, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read.”

What he didn’t address—and wasn’t really addressed by the Congressmen in the room—is there is a HUGE difference between “studying” a theory and implementing” it!!!

As Gen Milley points out, most of us have read Mao, Marx, and Lenin–but until today’s military, we have never endorsed Marxism and embraced their ideology–in fact we have spilled a lot of blood and spent triliions of our national treasure trying to crush it throughout the world for the last 7 decades.”

When considered in conjunction with other reports regarding the impact of CRT on military units, Gen Milley’s comments have negatively impacted the reputation of the military academies and sparked conversations across America between parents and their kids. At issue – is it still wise to encourage your son or daughter to apply for a U.S. service academy? A recent discussion on social media highlights the growing concerns.


“I was talking w/ my oldest daughter who’s a great student & athlete (& biracial, BTW) about the service academies.  She expressed interest in the AFA.  However in good conscience I can’t encourage her or anyone of her HS classmates to go that route given the toxic leadership I’m seeing at W.P. [West Point] and now w/ Milley.  As the old expression says, “A fish rots from the head down.”  Hope your story catalyzes some positive change!” -Anonymous


“It’s an easy matter for a talking head to throw in the towel regarding US military academies.  If they go under, what’s the alternative?  Hillsdale College with a student body of 1700?  The problem is not the cadets but activist generals, admirals, and politicians, who have lowered expectations and used the institutions for social engineering. A crusading superintendent can erase decades of tradition at the snap of a finger.  In my era graduation rates averaged 60% of the in-coming class.  Several classes at USAFA in the last decade graduated at rates approaching 90%. All academies are beset with a massive number of Honor Code violations with few expulsions.  The  USAFA Aero Engineering Dept is being pushed to gut engineering math from the major because “it’s too hard.” I understand this department is not unique when it comes to diluting curriculum. We U.S. military academy graduates and parents of cadets need to organize and reverse the trend.  As is, we are well intended but disorganized.  I thought I’d never see the day when parents discouraged children from attending an academy.  It made all the difference in my life and thousands like me.  It’s worth fighting for.”-Anonymous

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