If Our Senior Leaders in the Military will not Fight Against Unlawful Mandates, Who Will?

Dr. Robert Malone, Ret. Army Major Gen. Paul Vallely and Ret. Lt. Col. Dave Trombly join The Constitutional Colonel Larry Kaifesh Show to discuss the Biden Administration’s egregious destruction of military personnel’s constitutional rights.

The attack on our military was from the top down, starting with Commander in Chief Biden, all the way down to career military leaders who exposed themselves as spineless by allowing and promoting NON-FDA approved experimental vaccine products to be used in the government’s illegal and destructive forced mandates of our brave military people.

Dr. Robert Malone, an American physician and biochemist whose early work focused on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research, helped get the word out to the masses during the COVID-19 pandemic urging them to not take the experimental mRNA vaccines.

Although many in the military did their homework and researched facts surrounding the sketchy vaccine products that were being forced upon military personnel through Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, a large population of the military personnel opted to cooperate with the government and take the experimental vaccines. One included a high-ranking military leader who recently outed himself as among those tragically vaccine injured, suffering debilitating symptoms following a second jab.

When this high-ranking military leader alerted others above him of the injury, he was urged to keep his mouth shut because they still needed to mass distribute the vaccines to more military personnel.

The story is verified by Lt. Col. David Trombly “T-bone,” an author, Grounded and Cured (Wellness Marketing Corps, 2021). LtCol., USMC (Ret), 25 years; F/A -18 Hornet Pilot; trainer, student naval aviators.


Comment from the video comment section:

“Below is a portion of an email that I sent to a 3-star Air Force general AND all 30,000 people who work at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, on 13 Oct 2021 in response to the 3-star general’s email which tried to “guilt” us into getting the jab. Pay particular attention to the “P.S.” at the end of my email. As I expected, I was fired from my $165,000 defense contractor position for embarrassing the general in front of the entire base, but it had to be done. All of the colonels and generals on the base were either cowards or tyrants who deserved to be scolded for pushing unlawful orders. Simply disgusting!

To My WPAFB, AFMC, and ACC Coworkers, I write this and provide the attached document as encouragement to you. I want you to know that “you are not alone” if you feel that you have been wronged by not being allowed to make your own decision on whether to get the Covid-19 vaccines or not. The “mandate” is flat out wrong. The data does not support it, and it is also morally wrong. It is sinister of our government to insist that you get the vaccine or else lose your job and other civil rights.

I encourage all of you to dig deep inside you and find that courage that is within all of us. I cannot make your decision for you, and I cannot guarantee that we will win. But I do know that if enough of us stand, then they will rescind this awful mandate. Some in leadership have tried to give the impression that almost everyone has no problems getting the vaccine and that you are “the odd ball out” if you are vaccine hesitant. Let me tell you right now that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Sincerely, Tom Haviland (20 Year USAF Veteran, 16 Year Defense Contractor)

P.S. For Lt Gen Schaefer: You should be ashamed of yourself. You failed us. Instead of fighting for our right to choose for ourselves whether to get injected with an experimental vaccine, you spent your time trying to “guilt” us who are unvaccinated into getting the vaccine. Shame on you.”

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