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House Republicans attack Defense Department for ‘woke’ social policies

House Republicans plan to open a new front in the culture wars: attacking the Pentagon for its “woke” social policies.

GOP leaders have won an early skirmish. Congress passed a defense bill that will no longer require service members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine – one of many military policies the new Republican-led House may spotlight in the next Congress.

GOP members of military oversight committees in Congress are signaling they’ll target the Pentagon over racial curriculum at military academies, efforts to root out extremists from the ranks, and funding for ‘ abortions. The issue could get an increased focus in this Congress as Republican members, who will now control the House of Representatives and its committees, have more sway over the chamber’s agenda. . . .

. . . A 2022 survey conducted by the nonprofit Reagan Foundation found 50% of respondents felt that “woke” practices in some way undermined military effectiveness.. . .

. . . It’s fair to criticize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, Rep. Gallagher said during the Reagan National Defense Forum. They add another layer of bureaucracy to an institution that is already heavily bureaucratic he said.

Republicans are concerned that DEI programs have no impact or are actively counterproductive and increase friction within forces, Gallagher said.

The Pentagon’s focus on cultural issues distracts from its primary purpose of “winning our nation’s wars,” Waltz said. He cited threats from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as well as global terrorism as more important priorities.

Rep. Mast added that these cultural policies are “a very big deal” for recruits and their parents.

“These are very literally subjects and questions that have come up in very crowded meetings that I’ve had with groups of parents, Mast said. The issue is a ”very big deal, people are paying attention to it.” . . . (read more at USA Today)

Reagan Institute Survey (pdf)

Rep. Gallagher at Reagan panel: Restoring Confidence and Recruiting the Military We Need

From the Reagan Institute:

Perceived Politicization Drives Declining Confidence in the Military.

Just four years ago, 70% of survey respondents said they had a great deal of trust and confidence in the military. However, that percentage steadily declined, and last year, for the first time, a minority of Americans had the highest level of confidence in the military, only 45%. This year, that trend appears to be stabilizing. Now 48% say they have a great deal of trust and confidence in the military.

According to the survey, a variety of factors are decreasing public confidence in the military, including perceptions by 62% of Americans that military leadership are becoming overly politicized. Nearly 60% of respondents say that performance and competence of presidents as commanders-in-chief is decreasing their confidence in the military and 55% say the performance and competence of the military’s civilian leadership is a concern.

Half (50%) say so-called “woke” practices undermine military effectiveness and 46% attribute decreasing confidence to so-called far-right or extremist individuals serving in the military.

Meanwhile, only 13% of 18 to 29-year-olds are personally highly willing to join the military, a quarter (25%) are only somewhat willing, 20% are not very willing, and about a quarter (26%) are not willing at all.

What People Are Saying

(comments on the video)

“I’m a US Army retiree with 2 sons, one whose served in combat as Military Police, my second son is 9 years younger than his brother. I would not allow him to serve with current leadership in place under any circumstances.”

“I as a veteran have lost trust in the upper echelon leadership of the military not the rank and file.”

“When my son came back from Afghanistan considering reuping in Ranger training as the offer was there. My brother in law and I teamed up and convinced him to stay out. We did that because he’s a brave young man who saw a lot of action in a forward moving area and this military woke agenda and equity BS was in contrast to what he is. Being white and the pussification of the military could have gotten him killed. I suggest to all nephews, stay away from wokeism and lack of true military leadership as it has all the underpinnings of disastrous consequences as witnessed with the Afghanistan withdrawal.”

“As a current Active Duty Service Member I can tell you that the military has become weak and woke at the leadership level.”

“I am glad my kids are out of the military now. My son spent 4 tours overseas and has shrapnel throughout his body. He suffers PTSD after watching friends die in front of him. I would never let a child join at this point and time. This administration has destroyed our military. God bless the young men and women currently serving.”

“As a veteran I’m wondering why with the anti-American president anyone would go into the service.”

“Each of my parents and my husband spent 20 years each in the military. Now that my sons are getting close to graduating high school, we have told them, “No way.” The amount of wokeness in the military now means it isn’t about protecting country and more about coddling big babies who have been told they are special.”

“I served 25 years, both my kids said no thanks to the military. One was even excelling in ROTC. They see what was/is happening.”

“As a veteran from a long standing military family, I’ve made sure that my children will never join the current Woke military. Get Woke, Go Broke.”

“I’m a army veteran, and what’s happening to our military is heartbreaking. And the problem is definitely from the top down. We don’t win anymore on purpose. It’s all political and about money. And no I don’t want my son in this military, and that’s sad.”

“I am retired Navy with a son who is beginning his career in the Navy. We all have suffered through the sensitivity training and growing wokism but I still believe that the best performing individuals will rise to the top. We all know that there will be unacknowledged quotas for advancement but even then, most that get the quota nod are still the best of those groups and have been exceptional leaders in their own right. Leaders will always have to deal with the underperformers who will pull out the “intersectional card” but documentation and standards solve those issues. As long as the government doesn’t change the UCMJ, the military will adapt and overcome in the end.”

“My family is like that. I have one child left at home, and I’ll be damned if she’s going into the service.”

“My dad and father in law both served in the military, And now my son in law is in the Army. He says wokeness is killing the morale of the enlisted men.”

“Just retired. Told my kids no way they can join.”

“A history of service back to WW1, I did 25 years in Army, my son turns 18 in a few months and I told him that by no means did I want him to enlist under this administration to be sent off to die for this failed president!”

“Happy to have served when I did but today I try to talk young people out of joining the military. Poor weak leadership and political correctness has ruined most of our military.”

“I served in 2/327, I got out in 2019 and I would never think of joining back up with the country the way it is now.”

“Reasons why I (US Army Veteran honorably 1994-2002) refuse to allow my adult children to participate in the military. My dad and Grandfather were both military. #1. Mandatory experimental vaccines. #2. Political correctness #3. Wokeness #4. Getting rid of shark attacks and yelling (weeding out weakness).”

“Glad my children and I are out of the military, none of us would have served in the current environment. I guess it goes along with the rest of this crappy administration.”

“I retired from the military 2 years ago and I don’t want my kids joining. It was a pretty good gig for me and I’m happy to have served, but there’s no way I would recommend it to anyone. Having to walk on eggshells in order to prevent ruining your career and future definitely isn’t worth it now. Wokeness and cancel culture are ruining everything.”

“I thought about joining before they decided the mRNA was mandatory.”

“I am a proud (and disabled) veteran. I do not suggest anyone volunteer to serve at the moment; especially under this “leadership”.”

“I spent 22 years in the Marine Corps. My father fought in Korea (USMC). Both grandfather’s in WW2. For the first time in my life, I can’t recommend joining any branch.”

“I served proudly and honorably but in today’s climate I would not do so. There is nothing honorable in today’s senior military leadership!”

“No way in hell would I allow my kids to serve under this administration….all the men in my family served.”

“I served in the USAF 20 years ago. I would not enlist if I were 19 today. I have two boys now. I will not encourage military service. Clown world the USA has become.”

“I would never allow my young kids serve in the military..nowadays it makes their sacrifice obsolete. Shameful..”

“I am 7th generation US Navy and my 12 year old son will NOT be the 8th.”

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  • My granddaughter’s husband is a West Point graduate who served 8 years in Special Forces. He left the Army last year. Why? “We spent more time in social justice classes than we did on the range”.

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