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British Military has same problems we do with the Woke Mind Virus

Some stories showing that the woke agenda push in the US military is also happening across the Atlantic to the UK military with the infection of the Woke Mind Virus.

No Army for White Men: Britain’s Self-Inflicted Recruiting Crisis (European Conservative, 25 Jan 24)
In Britain, the obsessive drive to boost ‘diversity’ across all sectors of society has no shortage of casualties to its name. One of them is merit: talent being both rare and useful, it should be sought wherever it can be found.

To make an a priori fetish of women and ethnic minorities will inevitably interfere with what should be a scrupulously evidence-based, talent-seeking process.

The most recent casualty, however, is nothing less than Britain’s power to maintain itself in existence as a country.

This power has been pitifully weakened. What is more, it did not have to happen.

The British army, tasked with the small matter of defending the realm, has shrunk by 40% since 2010. We now boast a mere 70,000 enlisted soldiers. There is even talk of conscription in the event of war.

While it might be excessive to ascribe this failure to diversity alone, our political class, especially the lamentable Conservative Party, must take a monumental portion of the blame.

Far from merely allowing the rot to infect the military’s upper echelons, successive Tory governments have actively commanded our armed forces to adopt the tripartite motto of race communists the world over: diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

It is more than just a platitude. Over the last decade, it has become a deliberate policy with very real consequences for those of us who love Britain as our only conceivable homeland.

The politicians who rave most about ‘diversity’—which is to say more or less all of them, from London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak—show no interest at all in boosting the number of white Brits on the Tower Hamlets council or diversifying rap music to get more pasty lads from Northumbria involved.

As I have argued before, the unavoidable conclusion is that, for the activists most attached to the rallying cry, ‘diversity’ is simply a euphemism for ‘less white.’

As such, Britain’s DEI laws, beefed up by the Conservative Party in 2017 and due to be expanded by Sir Keir Starmer if and when he becomes prime minister, in effect amount to the legalised ethnic cleansing of the founding and indigenous population of the country.

No wonder so few of us are keen to enlist in the military, for that institution—in large part on the orders of central government—has been as corrupted by anti-white racism as any other.

It emerged last year that Andrew Harwin, a Royal Air Force (RAF) squadron leader, instructed staff back in 2021 to stop selecting “useless white male pilots” for training courses.

This was not an isolated scandal. In 2022, it became undeniable that under the leadership of Sir Mike Wigston, who has since resigned, the RAF actively discriminated against white men—a self-defeating outrage for which the new head of the force, Sir Richard Knighton, has apologised.

He has further conceded that the RAF’s own target, set independently of government, to make itself 40% female and 20% ethnic minority by 2030 is unrealistic. To his shame, Knighton has fallen short of declaring that such inherently anti-white quotas are also wrong in principle. . . . .  (read more)

White men no longer want to fight for a nation that scorns them (UK Daily Telegraph, 18 JAN 24)

. . . . Clearly, something inside the US Army’s recruitment system is failing, both in terms of targets being drastically missed, and a failure to recruit effectively among the nation’s largest ethnic group.

The UK Armed Forces are in a similar depressing situation. Recruiting targets are consistently not met, but the main priority is not to get more people to join up – it is to get more non-white people and women to join up.

Failure to meet recruiting targets is one thing. Peddling politically motivated and deeply flawed ideologically driven quotas is quite another.

In another ill-thought out and controversial move to attempt to fix the UK military’s recruiting crisis, last week Defence Secretary Grant Shapps declared that ‘women are the solution to the Armed Forces recruitment crisis’. . . .

Army recruitment crisis spurred by ‘LUDICROUS’ diversity and equality concerns
‘We’re alienating most of society with ludicrous diversity and equality conventions!’ Former Royal Navy Commander Rear Admiral Chris Parry on why the army faces a recruiting crisis.

Comments on the video sound too familiar:

“Chris Parry is correct. I’m 63, I was commissioned into UK forces in 1980 and served in 2 regiments. If I was that age now, I wouldnt volunteer, I’d work on leaving the UK. If I signed up, I’d be defending a country that discriminates against the natives, with armed forces that do the same. A country under unfettered demographic assault. A country that is committing suicide. Why would I do that?”

“I’m an ex bootneck and advise anyone to stay well clear of the armed forces, its not what it used to be. Why anyone would want to join in this day an age is beyond me just look at the state of the country. Send Blair and his kids to fight.”

“As an ex bootneck I would never serve the government of this nation again. I despise the political direction of the west. Most people totally reject the constant ‘championing’ of identity politics, diversity and political correctness. The personnel of the armed forces will and never can be a reflection of society. You need a common corps of people with common ideals and beliefs. Diversity and inclusion does not motivate men to fight! In all of the history of warfare the back bone of any armed forces relies of the recruitment and development of mentally competent, fit young men! That’s just the way it is. Until that changes I’d never allow my children to serve. The nation needs to stop this cultural treason and cease the self suicidal policies it proclaims as ‘progress’. Let’s see if any politician or general has the balls to admit it.”

“C’mon lads join the army and defend the country that hates you.”

“Too late, I wouldn’t fight for this government if they paid double, they can get stuffed.”

“Let’s get this straight. Our Armed Forces do the bidding of our elected Government (as is right and proper). But who, at this time, wants to do as our Government bids? After all, they have been proven to be a bunch of lying, self obsessed, corrupt incompetents. So I for one would never sign up under these conditions.”

“The UK Armed Forces should dump quotas and woke nonsense and recruit the best of the applicants.”

“My son’s in the RN when he was applying Capita were useless it slowed down the process significantly he took him 24 mths to join up. The morale is so low theyd all like a bunk on the Bibby Stockholm. Im ex QAARNS we’ve always had a strict medical assessment this is the wrong thing to do we need physically strong young men. He is right DEI is the issue. My son in law in the army is sick of the LGBTQ flags ect he transferred from royal marines to army for a skill he couldn’t get in the marines. Despite being in Bosnia Iraq and Afghanistan. They dont treat our service men well it disgusts me. And know they have a real issue with not having enough men to man ships. May i politely suggest out sourcing accommodation and food to civviy companies which is profit driven is a disaster. An army marches on its stomach. My son has an air fryer and a fridge in his room ( which no immigrants would live in ) because food isnt so good”

“Joined the army in 1984 at 17years old. If i was 17 again i wouldnt join, period.

“Same problem in Canada. What have the military done? Allow tattoos, pink hair. Put tampon dipensers in men’s washrooms.”

“It’s bloody obvious to anyone who isn’t an imbecile that recruitment into the armed forces should be determined by ones ability to fight and support ones comrades. Anything else is a recipe for disaster.”

“Did it ever occur to them that the reason they cant get recruits is exactly because they have lowered standards? If I am in a team, I need to know the person next to me is actually ‘committed’ and ‘capable’, rather than have to carry them all the time, while not actually hating everything about the nation they claim to defend. Why would I want to deploy a 5th column within my defensive structure, while being compelled to watch their back and protect them? Oh… wait…”

“I served in the 80,s and there was a big pool of mainly white young men to pick from. This was post Thatcher time and the army could pick or choose who they wanted so the standards and training were high. Roll on thirty years and there is no patriotism or discipline in the classroom now and it shows in the youth of today. Most of these millennial kids can’t even hold a job down in civie street never mind the army. The government also did away with the army recruitment offices and gave it to a civilian company who haven’t got a clue what the army wants so it’s no surprise the numbers are down. If I had my time again I wouldn’t join up today but I am proud of the time I served and look back on it with fondness.”

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