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BOOK REVIEW: Pocket Guide to Communism and The Foundations of Critical Race Theory

Review by STARRS member, Chris Jeffries, USAFA ‘87

One of the big challenges we face in the battle to keep racism and radicalism out of the US Military is understanding our enemies.

Who are they? What do they believe? Why are they trying to radically change our services and our country? What are their goals? What are their methods?

I believe that I have a much better understanding of the answers to all of these questions since reading Dennis Haugh’s “Pocket Guide to Communism.”

It is a short book, as you would expect from a “pocket guide,” but it contains a wealth of information.

It’s divided into seven chapters that lead the reader from the historical origins of communism, socialism, and Marxist ideology to the modern interpretation in the United States in the form of Critical Race Theory, pausing along the way to explain how China fits into everything.

The book serves as a fine stand-alone work that you might consider giving to your friends and family members who are concerned about the trends they see in our country.

It also might prompt one to dig deeper into these concepts as you research terms like “Aesopian language,” “dialectic,” and “intersectionality.”

Perhaps the most important chapter is the last one, which is a call to action titled, “Bullies, Heroes, and Cowards.”

Every one of us will fall into one of these categories. We can all see the bullying taking place in our country every day.

So, each person is faced with a choice:

Will I play the coward, mind my own business, and hope the bullies leave me alone?

Or will I join the heroes, stand up and fight for America?

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