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BOOK REVIEW: Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War

Review by STARRS Member Brent Ramsey

Dozens of hate crime hoaxes are described in Dr. Reilly’s fascinating book. Of 3500 hate crimes studied 409 were actually hoaxes.

Based on his own research and a University of Wisconsin study, Dr. Reilly estimates that between 15-50% of all hate crime reports are actually hoaxes.

He unmasks the extraordinary amount of press coverage that is devoted to these reports much of it erroneous.

College campuses account for a very large percent of the hoax cases. Even when revealed to be hoaxes, college administrators often refuse to admit to the hoax or reverse measures put into place because of the hoaxes.

Written in an engaging style with dashes of humor, this book shines important light on a sensitive subject on current racial polarization egged on by media sensationalism.

Dr. Reilly is a nationally recognized author and researcher and a professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University.

All of the below reviews are 5 stars.

Review 1:

Dr. John McWhorter of Columbia and noted public intellectual recommends Hate Crime Hoax. His own summary of Reilly’s book: “Wilfred Reilly teaches us an invaluable lesson about that Victimization Mindset … that bedevils black Americans unduly. Specifically, we must beware this “impact matters more than intent” thing, because sadly often, black people, gripped by this victimization mindset, exaggerate or lie about racist acts and even attacks. His book is called Hate Crime Hoax. Don’t be misled by the fact that the subtitle and cover feel a touch “headline-y – cable newsy” – publishers must sell their books. The issue is the content, and this book teaches lessons that are 1) sad, 2) understandable…, and 3) urgent.

Review 2:

Entertaining analysis of various hate crime hoaxes and hoaxers both from the right and the left. Written in an entertaining format. It is a good book to read whenever a hate crime is alleged and a reminder to wait until the facts are known before any rush to judgement. Even though there have been so many of them the media always jumps on the news of the latest ‘hate crime’ with the most sensational terms. It’s good to keep this in mind when new ‘hate crimes’ are alleged.

Review 3:

Dr. Reilly properly points out that hate crime hoaxes (“HCH”) are not harmless jokes intended to promote the mission of social awareness. Rather HCH rips at the social fabric by perpetuating noxious stereotypes and pitting communities against each other. Although Dr. Reilly did not mention it, another social injury that runs through his text is that HCH bankrupts social trust in our institutions, whether government, universities or journalism, as people know on some level that they are being gaslit.

Dr. Reilly’s book is, in addition, quite enjoyable. He systematically dismantles HCH after HCS, invariably with humor and insight. Some of the cases he addresses are both pathetic and funny in their absurdity, such as when “Bias Outreach Response Coordinators” create the HCH they then blow up into a cause celebre to justify their existence. On other occasions, Dr. Reilly ably explicates the pathos of mentally broken individuals pathetically looking for some attention.

People should read this book. The key point of Dr. Reilly’s argument is that HCH are ripping at American social fabric. Dr. Reilly, an academic, a conservative, and a POC, honestly believes that America is at risk of being ripped apart by HCH, which, though largely perpetrated by the left, have recently become appropriated by the alt-right. God protect America if both sides adopt the strategy previously owned by the Left.

Finally, Dr. Reilly offers some solid suggestions about curbing HCH. Normally, I am averse to increasing criminal penalties or using the concept of “hate crime” as a component of criminal offense, but I am convinced that IF we accept the notion that hate crimes are particularly threatening to American social order, false reports that hold one side up to social obloquy are equally threatening. I’d like to see the concept of “hate crime” retired, but until it is, then Dr. Reilly’s idea of holding hate crime hoaxers to higher penalties as a deterrence, and to take away the rewards that such hoaxers enjoy, is absolutely necessary if we are to avoid becoming the new Bosnia.

This is an easy, enjoyable, informative, important read.

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