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Woke Wars with Major General Joe Arbuckle

STARRS Vice Chairman of the Board MG Joe Arbuckle, USA ret, was interviewed by Col. Phil Williams, USAR ret, host of the Rightside Radio show.

Gen. Arbuckle talks about STARRS, wokeness in the military, meritocracy, the Navy using a Drag Queen to boost recruiting, and more.

In addition to practicing law and serving two terms as a State Senator in Alabama, Phil Williams comes from a family with a long military tradition. He is an Airborne Ranger and retired in July 2017 after 30 years of service with the rank of Colonel (USAR). Phil served two combat tours in the Global War on Terror, one each in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as one tour in the Pentagon on the Army Staff’s Special Operations Division. He served at all levels in both conventional and special operations forces. His last troop leading position was as the Battalion Commander for the 1-167 th Infantry. His final duty assignment was as a reserve instructor for the Joint Special Operations University, US Special Operations Command. Phil is a graduate of the US Army’s Combined Arms and Services Staff School and the US Army Command and General Staff College.

Listen (18 minutes):

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