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Ted Cruz to reintroduce bill reinstating military members fired over vax mandates: ‘We will keep fighting’

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz is reintroducing his bill to reinstate military service members who were fired over President Biden’s vaccine mandates, vowing he “will never stop fighting” for them.

Cruz hopped on the phone with Fox News Digital on Monday to talk about his military service member restitution bill, the AMERICANS Act, that he is reintroducing to the Senate with 12 of his colleagues.

The Texas Republican said the GOP “won a tremendous victory in the NDAA by finally stopping Joe Biden’s abusive COVID vaccine mandates that he had used to fire thousands of soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines and Coast Guardsmen.”

“That victory is worth celebrating,” Cruz said. “That no more will servicemen and women be forced to choose between continuing to defend our nation and following their own conscience on questions of religious liberty and personal health care choices.”

“Unfortunately, that legislation that was passed was prospective only,” the Texas senator continued. “It stopped the mandate going forward, but it didn’t provide relief to the thousands of servicemen and women who were wrongfully fired, who were targeted for demotion, for forced retirements, for termination.”

“My legislation would provide relief to every one of those servicemen and women, would provide an avenue for those who want to return to service to be reinstated at their prior rank with full benefits. And for those who choose not to return to service, to ensure that their discharge is honorable, rather than merely a general discharge, and ensure that they receive the full benefits that they have earned defending our nation.”

Cruz said he hopes his bill will make it through the Senate with a slim Democratic majority, expressing his disappointment in his Democratic colleagues for not supporting the bill.

The senator also noted that he is looking forward to working with Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., on getting his companion bill through the GOP-controlled House.

“Unfortunately, some Senate Democrats have demonstrated over and over again that they are not willing to fight for the servicemen and women wrongfully targeted by the Biden administration for termination over the COVID vaccine,” Cruz said. “That’s been deeply disappointing. . . .

. . . .Retired Air Force Lieutenant General Rod Bishop and chairman of the board of Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services (STARRS) praised Cruz’s bill in a press release exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital.

“STARRS strongly supports Congress exercising its oversight responsibilities to ensure vaccine mandates are implemented IAW the laws of our land,” Bishop said. “Additionally, we are avid advocates of Senator Cruz’s efforts to ensure patriotic military men and women who have suffered because of apparently illegal acts by our government are provided some crucial remedies through the AMERICANS Act!” . . . . (read more on Fox News)

What People Are Saying

(comments from the article)

“Thank You. Family friend was a Army Captain, flew Blackhawks. Axed because of the Vax mandate. What a loss for our military. And that’s just one man. Cost millions to train, and equip. Democrats want a weak military!”

“What about the ones who were coerced into volunteer separation because they were told after they were denied their medical and religious exemptions they were going to be denied promotion and then face a dishonorable discharge unless they separated??? That was my son in law. 15 year career. Not that he wants to rejoin and protect a country that wouldn’t protect him.”

“Refusing the vax was the excuse the Biden Administration used to purge them from the military. The real reason they were purged is because they were conservatives, and not going along with the woke indoctrination that they are pushing. That is why they are fighting them getting reinstated.”

“These are the principled people we want serving us!”

“As a veteran myself I can honestly say that the Senator means well, but if I had been put out because I refused the vaccine (I did not take the poison) I would not want to go back. Our military, like everything else in DC has become politicized-something that should never happen.”

“Service members should not have to choose to be guinea pigs for untested vaccines or lose their careers. I served 27 years.”

“Thank you Senator Cruz. I pray this goes through. My husband retired from the U. S. Army after 20 years of service.We we’re already married when He enlisted. I was with him the whole 20 years. He would have been devastated if this vax situation had happened during his time in the service.”

“This is a good start. There is much more to be done. Full and complete repair of records, command, and backpay. Anything lost at all should be completely fixed. Next is punishment for those that did this. Root out any and all service members that pushed for this by deep investigations, the cost is worth it. Full accountability including dishonorable discharge and more where appropriate. This violated the Constitution and put our country at risk. Full accountability.”

“As a vet, I say nice gesture Cruz. If booted members want to go back in fine… As for me I would say FAQ. Not to Cruz but to the Brass. Woke military is not a military. They would turn against US citizens.”

“Not only should they be reinstated, they should get back pay and that’s not all. Expenses incurred because of this should be covered 100%. You tore peoples lives apart. You can’t just say sorry and come on back, these soldiers give their lives for us! You need to make it 100% right.”

“Reinstating military service men and women is a no-brainer. Remember, we do not conscript and these victims volunteered for service and now that we know that the vaccines were marginal in effectiveness or they are now, as feared, having undesirable side effects. Reinstate with back pay and seniority.”

“The leftist government promotes wokeness in the military but dismisses members who refused the vaccine. I was in the military and never questioned the vaccines given to me. However, the mRNA vaccines do not have the scientific robustness as the polio or hepatitis vaccines for example. The CDC and companies are still pushing the vaccine, now bivalent. Studies have shown that it does not address the current variants. The efficacy is low. Long-term data is not available. We were forced to take it to attend university and keep working. I had two vaccinations and stopped because of challenging side effects that have lasted for over a year now. I know a number of people who had 2 boosters and still got Covid 3 times after that. Most soldiers are young and in shape. What is the point?”

“In the early 70s, it wasn’t unusual for deployed service members’ shot records to have ten, twelve, fourteen vaccinations on them. Everything from Yellow Fever to the Plague. When they were shooting us up with plague shots, we didn’t think to ask if the shots were going to come back on us in ten, thirty or 50 years. Wish we had, but back then, the people giving the shots didn’t know. Now, after multiple complaints and medical investigations, it turns out the plague shot resulted in thousands of us having Hepatitis. No telling what the other shots did to our health that we don’t know about. Can remember one deployment over seas in ’74, when going through the deployment center just before we boarded the C141s, we had to go through the shot line where there were six med techs, three on both sides, with the “jet injectors”. Whatever was missing or outdated on your papers was administered right there.”

“China will never have to fire a shot to take over the US. The dems are just wrapping it up by their wokeness. Society and the military are failing in too many ways to recover.”

“This experimental vaccine did not accomplish anything other than making a lot of money for certain people. It had no good results but a lot of bad.”

“ANYBODY, private sector or Fed/Military that was terminated/removed for refusing this jab should be reinstated!”

“Thank you but some may not to return as long as Joe is the lead weight. Dragging them down.”

“Excellent idea. But many of them I bet won’t come back. Who wants to be in the armed services with democrats in the white house. Not me babe.”

“Thank you Senator Cruz! Hang in there Brothers and Sisters! From a Vietnam Era Navy Disabled Vet.”

“What about the million plus Federal employees that are still under a vaccine mandate? What about the thousands of DOD civilians and other Federal employees that were terminated for refusing to get the vaccine. The NDAA ended the mandate for uniform service members, but did nothing to address the civilian mandate.”

“Doubt most will come back especially in light of the Afghanistan debacle.”

“Cruz is making an assumption that they would want to serve under such a failure of a “Commander in Chief” and its pathetic Leadership.”

“Who would want to rejoin todays woke military? The military cant meet their recruitment goals because of their wokeness, Their answer is to stay woke and lower requirements. Pathetic “leadership”.

“Many that were discharged likely have moved on by now….but the bill needs to be passed so the next time something like this is tried it won’t work.”

As with everything in today’s extremely divided world with vast differences of opinion and knowledge depending on what news sources you read, there were many comments from those totally unaware of the dangers of the experimental vax and thus stated all soldiers should obey orders no matter what.  RIP Hunter Brown, AFA

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