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News Updates – 7 Apr 22

STARRS is pleased to announce the appointment of Brigadier General Tracey Siems, USAF (Ret) as the new Vice President for Finance.

General Siems had a distinguished career as a specialist in Financial Management fulfilling critical roles including at the highest levels of the Air Force. General Siems takes over the Finance Department from Lt Col Rich Haynie who had served in that role since STARRS’ founding. Lt Col Haynie has been appointed Vice President for Donor Relations and Fundraising. General Siems’ USAF biography is available by following the link below.

STARRS video series:

Episode 8 of the Intellectuals now is available. This episode features author, historian and STARRS Board of Advisors member Jane Hampton Cook. Author of 10 books, Jane is an expert on the Constitution, aspects of which are the subject of several of her outstanding books.

In this episode Jane discusses her book Battlefields and Blessings: Stories of Faith and Courage from the Revolutionary War, the erosion of readiness due to the implementation of divisive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion throughout the military and challenges the military is now facing due to politicization, divisive ideologies and faltering leadership such as was displayed in the debacle associated with the withdrawal from Afghanistan. To view the episode follow the link at the end of this press release.

STARRS Collaborators:

Center for Military Readiness (CMR): STARRS collaborator the Center for Military Readiness provides an insightful analysis of the dubious qualifications of three nominees for high positions in the Biden Administration. One nominee promotes using Artificial Intelligence to surveil military personnel, a second openly advocates use of diversity quotas for filling positions, and the third is openly an advocate for the military to accept transgender and even “non-binary” personnel into the services, a policy which if adopted would have unknown impacts on readiness. With the world situation as it is with war in eastern Europe, attacks on the US from Iran, and increasing threats to Taiwan and others from the rise and ambitions of the People’s Republic of China, DOD’s focus should be on readiness not social engineering. See more at the link.

In another article, CMR President Elaine Donnelly citing the current situation of the Russian war against Ukraine demonstrates in stark terms how wartime shows once again that men and women are different and for good reason. The title alone should grab your attention, “A Lesson from Ukraine: Good Men Protect and Defend Women.” The article can be found at the link at the end of the release.

Center for Security Policy: In 1988, Mr. Frank Gaffney founded the Center for Security Policy. Mr. Gaffney serves at the Executive Vice Chairman for the Center. The Center has been nationally and internationally recognized as a resource for timely, informed and penetrating analyses of foreign and defense policy matters.

Under President Ronald Reagan, he acted as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy. He served as chairman of the High-Level Group (NATO’s senior politico-military committee) and as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy under Assistant Secretary Richard Perle. He was also a Professional Staff Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Mr. Gaffney hosts Secure Freedom Radio, an hour-long, nationally syndicated program that airs every weeknight and Securing America TV. His daily Secure Freedom Minute commentaries are heard on 200 stations coast-to-coast. He is a featured contributor to Breitbart Radio and a columnist for He appears often on national and international television networks such as Fox News, CNN and BBC. Over the years, his OPED articles have appeared in such publications as: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New Republic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Washington Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Los Angeles Times, National Review, Newsday, American Legion Magazine, and Commentary. Mr. Gaffney serves on the Board of Advisors for STARRS. For more information on the Center for Security Policy or Securing America TV follow the link at the bottom of this press release.

STARRS in the news:

STARRS Board of Advisors member Scott Sturman, M. D. articulates why the vaccine mandates for the military for those with religious convictions and those who have already had covid and thus have much higher immunity than that provided by the vaccine represents a radical approach by the services. The courts apparently agree as they are beginning to halt the ill considered mandates in courts across the land. To access the article at the Brownstone Institute, follow the link below.

STARRS Vice President for Communications Col Mike Pefley and Director at Large CAPT Brent Ramsey dissect the harm being caused to readiness in our armed forces in their Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) analysis in an article published at the American Thinker. To access the article, follow the link below.

STARRS President and CEO Lt Gen Rod Bishop appears on Frank Gaffney’s show Securing America to discuss the state of military readiness as impacted by divisive policies related to Critical Race Theory and support of the radical neo-Marxist group Black Lives Matter and briefly touches on the situation in Ukraine. To access the show follow the link below.


Established in the Spring 2021, STARRS is a 501(c)3 approved organization whose mission is to provide an educational resource on racism and radicalism in the military services. For the latest information on STARRS or to donate visit our website.

For access to all the additional information covered in this press release visit: STARRS.

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Rod Bishop talks about the US Military’s vaccine mandate policy

Rod Bishop talks about the U.S. military’s vaccine mandate policy 

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