Air Force Navy Vax Woke Agenda

Military DEI, Marxism, Service Members’ Rights, & SEALs Beat Biden

From the The Green Dragon Tavern podcast:

Left-leaning teachers in Washington state have instituted their own book ban to protect students from the “harmful” ideals in To Kill a Mockingbird. One student claimed the book was a problem because “it isn’t about me.” What is it about this timeless American classic that has Marxists so riled up?

Join Zach, Dennis, and Lt. Col. Brandi King to discuss Marxism in our schools and in the military.

As a former “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” officer in the Air Force, Lt. Col. King was ejected from the military for standing up to the woke mob.

Don’t miss this explosive interview!

NOTE: Apparently it was too explosive for YouTube because they removed it for “medical misinformation”, but you can listen to it here. Hope they get on Rumble soon.

Episode 40: Navy SEAL Asa Miller: SEALs Beat Biden movie release, and hope despite election results

. . . Navy SEAL Asa Miller joins to discuss The Sentinel’s new release, SEALs Beat Biden, an explosive new documentary detailing how a small group of SEALs risked everything standing up to Biden’s woke agenda, and won. Join for details never before revealed, and learn how to watch SEALs Beat Biden for free!

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