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Elon Musk reminds the Pentagon what its job is

(American Thinker) In one of the most satisfying tweets seen on Twitter, Elon Musk took the time to remind the Pentagon what its job was.

It all began badly with this official Department of Defense tweeted

“Diversity is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness and accomplishment. We were on site for the 2023 inaugural @DoD_ODEI  Summit as DEIA experts led forums to advance the DEIA and DoD mission — because our people matter.”

It’s elaborate, it’s full of afflatus, it was redolent of Gen. Mark Milley and all his medals on his plus-sized frame, who has expressed his devotion to wokeness, making it a reminder to the readers of it that the Pentagon hasn’t been winning any wars lately — and in fact, it’s had a series of spectacular failures.

The focus on wokesterism of the tweet, as if the entire U.S. were a pit of racism and only the big-dollar DEIA bureaucrats can save it, was utterly queasy-making.  But there we are: the Pentagon in all its wokester jargon glory.

Enter Elon Musk, who gave them a short. clipped reminder of what their job is:

Musk’s tweet may have been seen by as many as 129 million followers, not counting secondary tweets, drawing attention to what a bunch of clowns the Pentagon has filled itself with. It was pithy and indisputably on point. . . . . (read more)


What People Are Saying

Other comments on Twitter on this DOD Tweet:

“Your entire mission is to deter an attack on the US homeland, and if there is a war, to effectively and efficiently destroy the enemies of the United States. That’s it.”

“The DOD is a total woke clown show now. The military was always diverse. We all worked together as a team. Now you are dividing the forces by race and equity. It is a receipt for disaster.”

“DE&I have zero to do with defending the homeland. You are wasting taxpayer funds.”

“Incredible that you’re bragging about this when recruitment is in the toilet. Any connection, do you think?”

“”Diversity is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness”. This is completely untrue and it’s quite concerning that this theater is permitted in the DoD.”

“It’s probably just a coincidence that our historically low confidence in the DoD began when the DoD’s strategic imperative changed from defending our country to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“Diversity actually means destruction of diversity and enrollment into a cult of woke ideologues who you keep away from your children. It’s a societal bone cancer.”

“Entirely irrelevant to your mission. Defend America. That’s it.”

“Hire the most competent and best people for the job you f—ing 🤡’s” — Hodgetwins

“Do you seriously think Russia or China will be more deterred by the US military if our military promotes ‘diversity’ as a strategic priority? Really? Seriously?”

“Absolutely ridiculous and totally unrelated to the quite significant national security threats we face. China and Russia are laughing at you/us and when we encounter big ticket problems, people will look at this moment and posts like this to see where our priorities went wrong.”

“Diversity of thought and backgrounds are important, but it has nothing to do with skin color or what you do in the bedroom.”

“It’s amazing how this is so incompatible with the military. Equity is earned in the military by those that can cross the finish line. Instead, the Pentagon is being run by an HR department for a Silicon Valley corporation.”

“This is embarrassing. The only diversity we need in the military is Army , Navy , Air Force and Coast Guard. That’s it. None of them should identify as anything else other than their rank and their MOS. This is a ridiculous and dangerous road y’all are taking.
I bet it’s why you are having recruitment issues.”

“Apparently, you lost the mission.”

“Our country is failing in catastrophic ways at every level on every metric & this is what they have chosen to make a top priority?”

“What a disgrace your department is. How about you select the best people and not worry about what they look like. China is sitting back and laughing while we destroy ourselves.”

“We are more at risk than ever because you have lost sight of your mission. Employ the BEST – period.”

“This should NOT be the priority of anyone, let alone the US military. Our military-once something to be proud of-has turned into an SNL skit thanks to woke leadership.”

“Diversity has nothing to do with force readiness. You are destroying the best fighting force intentionally. Why? Who’s pulling the strings to weaken the US Military?”

“America is going to lose a major war because of the focus of advancing racism and bigotry through DEI programs.”

“You make us the laughing stock of the world. If we are attacked… We will hold you woke Generals accountable.”

“The only strategic strategy is to ensure he readiness and defense of our great nation. That’s it! Diversity weakens, not strengthens. Do your job!”

“I don’t care who’s in the DOD they better just be the best of the best and not selected because of their skin color or gender.”

“Exceptional competence is a strategic imperative to mission readiness and accomplishment. Comes before all else.”

“If I were in charge of the greatest military on earth, I would focus on competency and capability instead of sexual and gender diversity. Just my opinion.”

“How about hire on merit and actually defend the United States.”

“I become more and more ashamed of our military everyday and I’m a veteran. Do your JOB and cut out this woke bull crap!!”

“My husband fought and died for this crap??? I’m a military GoldStar widow. You people made me fight for his EARNED benefits, and you dishonor his memory with this? I’M BLACK. This is a waste of my time and tax money.”

“I really hope this is some Sun Tzu “Appear Weak When You Are Strong” thing, otherwise- we are well and truly forked.”

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